Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy emphasizes steady growth of principal and income by focusing on high-quality equity and fixed-income securities. Rather than mirror market performance, we seek to outperform within the guidelines of your objectives.

We are driven not by short-term market advances and declines, but by a long-term investment discipline that has proven successful in varying economic climates. Though cyclical factors should be considered, we believe that trying to anticipate highs and lows in the market is speculation. We seek positive, sustainable results that meet our clients’ needs, serve their objectives and enhance their financial security.

What We Do

  • Invest in companies with strong profit margins indicating a competitive advantage
  • Invest in companies with attractive projected growth rates
  • Invest in individual, investment grade taxable and tax-free fixed income securities for stability of principal and cash flow generation

What We Don’t Do

  • Invest in the “stock of the day”
  • Invest in companies with excessive debt
  • Try to time the markets
  • Buy mutual funds
  • Outsource investment decisions

Our Investments

We focus on high-quality equity and fixed-income securities.

Who We Serve

ZWJ Investment Counsel serves individual and institutional clients.