About ZWJ

Four Decades of Building Trust

ZWJ Investment Counsel has provided highly personalized investment counsel for individuals and institutions since 1974.  Our goal is clear and simple: Provide clients with investment returns consistent with their current and future financial needs.

Our investment approach is consistent. We believe the financial well-being and success of our clients are best served with a strategy that takes the long view.  This approach has been called conservative, but we believe other words serve better: Sensible, Strategic, Time-Tested.

A Wealth of Expertise and Experience

  • All ten Investment Committee members are CFA charterholders.
  • Average investment experience exceeds 20 years; average age is 48.
  • Team approach to investment decisions, tapping wealth of collective experience.
  • Dedicated research team.

Highly Personalized Counsel

  • Low client-to-manager ratio, enhancing personalized service.
  • Relationship-based, tailored investment decisions.
  • Keenly focused on each client’s investment goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

Growth from Success

  • More than $2 billion in assets under management.
  • Average relationship exceeds $2 million.
  • Problem-solving, results-driven focus.


  • Privately owned by eight principals.

Who We Serve

ZWJ Investment Counsel serves individual and institutional clients.

Market Outlook

Our market analysis and forward-looking commentary.